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“We are not interested in meeting customers expectations, we want to exceed them.
– Maksymilian Mrozowski, CEO

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Especially worth emphasizing are the advanced technical solutions used in the machine as well as the use for producing the highest quality components, which was an important argument when choosing LEIMRO as a supplier.


Technical Director Jolanta Kaspryk

PORR Polska Infrastructure S.A.

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returning clients


Cemex Polska sp. z o.o.

The Leimro company is a long-term partner of Cemex Polska sp. z o.o. which delivers its container products throughout the country. During our cooperation so far, we have completed several projects for our ready-mixed concrete plants including among others: 2 LEIMRO 1000DT heating containers with installation in Warsaw and Pruszków, chemical additives container CAC, control room container CRC. All realizations were carried out in a professional and timely manner, while maintaining high standards of health and safety.

Leimro products are characterized by excellent quality and high technical parameters. Heating container enable continuous production of heated concrete of required temperature even in difficult weather conditions. Due to the unique technology all the energy produced is used in technological processes of concrete production such as heating water and aggregates as well as spaces, which makes this solution very economical.

A very important advantage of working with Leimro is the after-sales support and service. The contact with qualified technical support via telephone or online is exemplary.

In our opinion Leimro is a reliable and recommendable partner that not only delivers machines but also complete solutions for the concrete and precast industry.

Optimization Project Manager

Jakub Brylicki

Lafarge Cement S.A.

In our opinion, LEIMRO’s heating container is one of the best types of appliances devices on the market, so we recommend it to all potential buyers and users.

Project manager for investment projects

Mariusz Ajchel

Budokrusz S.A.

All work has been completed in due time and in due course. After the acceptance received positively evaluated the quality of works and the devices work reliably.

Director of concrete production technology

Mirosław Puchalski

PORR Polska Infrastructure S.A.

Especially worth emphasizing are the advanced technical solutions used in the machine as well as the use for producing the highest quality components, which was an important argument when choosing LEIMRO as a supplier.

Technical Director

Jolanta Kaspryk

PPHU Mackiewicz

Assembly and installation were carried out in accordance with the agreed schedule and with due diligence. Thanks to the use of innovative technical solutions, the supplied heating device definitely met the requirements of our company. This, as well as professional assistance and services, allow us to state that Leimro sp.z o.o. is a proven supplier of this type devices.

Technical Director

Grzegorz Wiszowaty

Ritbet sp. z o.o.

The works were completed on time, with due diligence and the highest technical level available on the market for this type of equipment. During the execution of the works, Leimro proved to be a reliable contractor with extensive technical knowledge and professional staff.

We state that Leimro can be a partner worth recommending in the implementation of projects related to the supply of heat and its distribution to technological processes related to the prefabrication of concrete elements.

Sales Director

Tomasz Dąbrowski

Górażdże Beton Sp. z o.o.

Leimro Sp. z o.o. supplied container heating units for Górazdze Beton Sp. z o.o. in 2020-2021: 750DT for batching plant in Poznan and two 500DT units for the batching plants in Krakow and Wroclaw.

Deliveries of the units and installation work were carried out in an artful and timely manner. The cooperation between our companies was businesslike and without problems. We would like to emphasize the high qualifications of Leimro employees, the high quality of the work and the materials used.

The Leimro equipment guarantees efficiency and continuity of production with high throughput during winter periods. Leimro technology is also one of the most environmentally friendly, as it emits the least amount of C02 into the atmosphere during the production process, which is in line with our policy of sustainable development and concern for the climate.

Many years of cooperation allow us to appreciate the reliability and innovation of the supplied equipment and to state that Leimro is a specialist in its field and a trustworthy partner.

Chairman of the Board

Przemysław Malinowski


Happy Beton

The heating capacity oft he unit without reducing the throughput rate of our modern ready-mixed concrete plant is really satisfying.
The reliable quality of the unit as well as the professional and qualified service has proven Leimro Sp. Z o. o. to be the perfect partner in terms of heating units.

Technical Director

Jens von Damitz


Wopfinger Transportbeton

Herewith we confirm that during last two years, company LEIMRO has delivered us three thermal energy containers Leimro 1000DT.

Delivery, start up and operation training have been performed within agreed time.

Especially worth emphasizing there are advanced technical solutions used in the deviceas well as the highest quality components used for production and high quality in general.

This was an important argument when choosing Leimro as a supplier


Technical Director Dl

Dr. Franz Denk


Betoni Karelia

Leimro heating system – it works!

Betoni Karelia purchased a Leimro heating system to their concrete batching plant in Nurmes, Finland for winter 2018. The system provides heat to four aggregate bins and provides hot process water for concrete mixing and washing.

It’s extremely important that the ingredients used for mixing concrete are not frozen. This includes that the aggregates need to be warm to produce uniform concrete.

Betoni Karelias Leimro heating system has now worked without any flaw for more than two years.

We have been producing concrete even in harsh winter conditions, since we have provided concrete to the nearby mine. Even in -30°C weather we have provided concrete to the jobsite. The casting is possible in the mine, since the inside temperature is +10°C even in the winter.

Director Timo Taattola of Betoni Karelia states, that something else is the bottleneck in winter production than the heating. Because of concrete temperature the job will not be stopped.

In addition the system has proven to be extremely cost efficient.

We at Betoni Karelia have been very happy with the Leimro heating systems reliability and ease of use.

Sales director

Timo Taattola


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